About our company

UAB SURFKOLITA was established in 1990 for the purpose of providing services to car repair shops and industrial companies. From the first day of operation, the company focused on the restoration of various parts of transport and industrial equipment, restoring the properties of the parts and changing the dimensions due to wear or other reasons. At the same time, ecological and economic issues are addressed, as instead of parts, sometimes antiques, utilization and new purchases, the service life of the part is completely restored and extended.

For the restoration technology Company the first in Lithuania began to use supersonic electric arc metallization, which is widely used for the restoration of engine crankshaft journals, compressor, electric motor shaft repair. The surface metallization technologies used in the company allow to apply coatings on the basis of both iron alloys and stainless steel, aluminum, bronze or zinc, ensuring a slight thermal effect of the surface of the part during the process.

The company has been expanding the scope of restoration works since 2005. started to provide anti-friction slip coating refurbishment services using PFA and FEP coatings. These coatings are used to renovate the working surfaces of equipment used in the production of milk, bread and confectionery.

The companyowe 1000 sq.m. production premises and a wide range of technological equipment:

  • Vertical CNC milling machine Hurco VMX42
  • CNC lathes Mazak QT28N and Spinner TC46-MC
  • Various manual control turning, milling, coordinate boring, flat and cylindrical grinding machines, internal cylindrical grinding machines, which are run by highly qualified specialists.
  • The company has Turbo Technics rotor and shaft balancing stand.

For repair and restoration of engine parts we have:

  • crankshaft grinding machine AMC SCHOU K-1500U,
  • valve seat machine AMC SCHOU CH-150,
  • engine blocks boring and realighning machine AMC SCHOU L-2500V,
  • cylinder honing machine ROBBI SET150LE,
  • engine block and head plane grinding machine CARMEC RP-1300, valve angle grinder KWIK-WAY SVS-D and other equipment.
  • For turbocharger repair and restoration TURBOTECHNICS Mk4-VSR.

MIG and TIG welding technologies must also be used during the restoration of parts. We can weld aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, cast iron.