Services rendered to car repair shops

Restoration using supersonic arc plasma metalization:

  • Crankshaft journals and crankpins
  • Camshaft journals
  • Engine block bearing bores

Checking of the tightness of the engine head cooling system by hot (70C) and cold ways


  • Aluminum engine heads
  • Crankcases and oil sumps
  • Exaust manifolds
  • Crankshaft thrust faces
  • Other parts


Replacing valve guides and valve seats

Making valve seats


  • Crankshaft journals and crankpins, camshaft journals
  • Engine block and head planes, manifold planes

Restoration of the axiality of the engine crankshaft and camshaft bores

Restoring connecting rods

Manufacture engine connecting rods according to the example provided

Producing bushings

Removing the remnants of the studs in the housings and restore the thread

Balancing symmetrical crankshafts and flywheels

Repairing the turbochargers